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Report a Problem with a Seller

You should use this page to report a problem with a seller or to request the seller's contact information. . 

What problem are you having?

Select the problem from the following list and click the "Help Me!" button
My messages to the seller are being returned as undeliverable
I sent the seller a message through the JustBeads.com message center but she did not reply
I won an auction but the seller will not respond to me
I sent the seller money but I have not received my item
I received my item but I am dissatisfied with it
The seller has contacted me and refuses to complete the transaction (and no payment was made).
None of the above options describes my problem
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Request the seller's contact information

You can only request the contact information for a seller if you were the winning bidder in one of her completed auctions.  Requests for contact information should be forwarded to:
Please be certain to include the item number of the transaction and the seller's user name.