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How Do I Leave Feedback At JustBeads.com?

Member to Member Feedback
Feedback is a way of tracking customer satisfaction for sellers and buyers.   Although not required, it is customary to leave feedback at the completion of each transaction.

Next to every JustBeads member's User Name, there is a Feedback Rating number in parentheses ( ).  For example: Beadcrazy (125) means that this member's User Name is Beadcrazy and she/he has completed at least 125 transactions with other JustBeads members.

When should I view or leave Feedback?

In general there are two instances:
  1. If you're a potential buyer, you should check your seller's Feedback Profile. If you're a seller, do the same for your buyer. The Feedback Profile can answer many questions about how a person does business.
  2. If you're a winning bidder or seller in a JustBeads transaction, you can leave feedback for your trading partner. These comments can be positive, neutral, or negative, depending on your experience.

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