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Feedback FAQ's

Member to Member Feedback
From past experience, we have learned that an important component when thinking about placing a bid is the sellers feedback & trading history. In simple terms, customer confidence is increased when they see positive feedback and a good trading history. The same holds true of the confidence level instilled in the seller when reviewing a Buyers feedback & trading history.

Please remember to leave feedback!

Making Feedback Work For You

General Questions

?Making Feedback Work for You?


What part of a JustBeads.com member's Feedback Profile should I check first?

  • In general, a high Feedback Rating demonstrates that a JustBeads member is an experienced trader and has a track record.
  • Don't discount new JustBeads members (those with zero or very little feedback) as they make good trading partners, too.

How should I handle negative feedback about another JustBeads.com member?

A. If you find negative comments, don't automatically discount the JustBeads member. Instead, learn more:

  • Find out the ratio of negatives vs. positives
  • Check to see when these negative events occurred. Were they recent or did they happen a long time ago?
  • Did it appear to be retaliatory feedback because the JustBeads member left the other person a negative feedback?
  • If the questionable feedback relates to the quality of the item, review the listing. Was the item described adequately?

    If you still have questions or concerns, write directly to the JustBeads member.

?General Questions?


Does a high Feedback Rating mean that a JustBeads.com member has a great reputation?

A. Not necessarily. In most cases, a high Feedback Rating is good news, but you should always check a member's Feedback Profile for any negative remarks.  It's best not to judge a user on her or his Feedback Rating alone.

What type of feedback should I leave—positive or negative?

A. If you were treated well by a buyer or seller, reward him or her with a positive comment.  If you were treated poorly, try to resolve the problem first by contacting the other person.  Most problems can be corrected by improving communication between buyer and seller.  If things are still not resolved, you may leave a negative comment.

When should I leave feedback?

A. After completing any transactions on JustBeads.  Your honest feedback shapes the JustBeads.com community and specifically impacts the success and behavior of other JustBeads members.  Make your voice heard!

We strongly encourage you to always leave comments about a specific buy or sell transaction within 90 days after the end of the auction.  JustBeads guarantees that all items will be available on our system for at least that period.  After 90 days, you can still try to send in feedback, but items may be removed from our database without prior notice.  If that happens, you will not be able to leave feedback.


Can any bidder leave feedback about a specific auction or just the winning bidder?

A. Only the seller and successful bidder, (one for a regular auction, several for a Dutch Auction), can leave transaction-related feedback about a specific buy or sell transaction.

Can I retract the feedback I left for someone?

A. No. It's a good idea to make only factual, emotionless comments. Try to be thoughtful of what you say when it comes to leaving feedback.