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Item Title and Description Search
Noise words: This version of search makes extensive use of the noise words and, or, and not for building logical comparisons in your searches.

Phrases: Searching for an exact phrase is easy. Simply enter the phrase you would like to search for. (ie. cobalt lampwork beads)

Wild Cards: This version of search accepts two type of wild cards, multi-character wild cards (*) and single character wild cards (?). To search for "cobalt lampwork beads" or "cobalt lampwork bead" try something like this (cobalt lampwork bead*) or something like this (cobalt lampwork bead??).

Combinations: Using noise words with phrases and wild cards you can build some pretty complex searches. ie.

(cobalt or lampwork or beads)
(cobalt* or lampwork beads)

Try all sorts of interesting combinations. You'll never know what you might find.

Item Search
Item search enables you to locate an item by its number. Simply enter the item's number in the field and if it exist in our database we'll find it for you.

If you would like to find more then one item at a time just enter each item's number in the field separating each one with a comma. (ie. 927156789, 927157354, 927161657)

Search by Seller
If you would like to find all auctions by a particular seller you have been dealing with then you can do so by using Search by Seller. It's easy. Just enter the seller's User Name or User ID Number in the field and if they are a registered user on our site we'll find all the auctions they have held here.